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Introduction to Futuverse™ Digital Assets

Welcome to the innovative world of Futuverse™ Digital Assets, where advanced blockchain technology meets the digital twins of extreme environments. Our platform utilizes the robust capabilities of the Polygon network to offer unique digital assets, such as OntecoID and MIRS™, pioneering new dimensions in the digital economy.

Furthermore, you can discover more about our plans to completely integrate the Futuverse™ Economy with blockchain technology through digital fungible tokens:

Join the Future of Digital Ownership

Join a community shaping the future of the digital economy. Whether you’re a crypto enthusiast or a digital artist, Futuverse™ provides a dynamic platform for exploring such digital landscape.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Step 1: Obtain Pre-Approval: Secure your wallet’s approval to ensure you can transact seamlessly on our blockchain platform. This process is akin to a whitelist, ensuring safe and exclusive access to our services. This process may be automatic, but in some scenarios, it can take up to 24 hours.
  • Step 2: Discover Digital Assets: Use our interactive map to explore Onteco Mars and learn about available virtual real estate, also called MIRS™.
  • Step 3: Engage and Buy: Purchase digital assets directly through our Futuverse™ Store using your Pre-approved MetaMask wallet. Our smart contracts are prepared to handle gas fees for you.
  • Step 4: My MIRS: Connect your MetaMask wallet to view and manage your MIRS within the Futuverse™ ecosystem. Note that each wallet is limited to owning a maximum of 20 MIRS.

How to use the Futuverse™ Web3 store

Follow the steps below and/or watch the detailed tutorial video to learn about the functionalities of the Futuverse™ Digital Assets platform, from initial setup to advanced NFT management, including connecting to a Metamask wallet. The tutorial also offers a guide on the process of participating in the current blockchain Polygon Amoy Platform, which leads to earning discounts and being whitelisted.

Once you purchase an OntecoID or a MIRS from Futuverse Marketplace, you will need the smart contract address to manually include them in your NFT collection. Please use the following addresses:

NFT. First-Generation MIRS Smart Contract Address: 0x79A807c183E1ABD4db2559E77cb0C8c747B750F0 

NFT. Onteco ID Smart Contract Address: 0x738e2C36Db5Cf1195c31439491F2A3680A32DE4C

Futuverse™ Digital Assets Experience

Access to Polygon Amoy Platform

Our platform is currently operational on the Polygon Amoy Network, facilitating a secure and risk-free environment for testing and refining our services. This phase allows our community to interact with the system using test crypto, preparing for a seamless transition to the Polygon Mainnet as outlined in our roadmap.

Special Offers and Whitelist Process for Early Participants

Engage with our platform now on the Polygon Amoy Network to receive exclusive benefits, including discounts on downloadable content and automatic qualification for our whitelist, granting early access to NFT purchases post-migration to the Mainnet. By completing step 1 to 14 as indicated above, you can be whitelisted and you can secure your digital assets, such as MIRS and OntecoID, before they are made available to the general public. Participating in our Amoy Network activities not only offers immediate rewards but also provides a stake in the future of digital transactions.

Eligibility for the whitelist extends to all users who interact with our system, whether by purchasing NFTs, engaging in transactions, and providing feedback. This privileged access is crucial during the initial sales period, which typically experiences high demand. Early participation not only secures your early buyer benefits but also significantly aids in refining our offerings, audit processes and ensuring a robust, user-optimized platform.

How to purchase Futuverse™ NFTs on Polygon Amoy Net and be whitelisted:

Create a Metamask Wallet or select your preferred crypto wallet inside Metamask.

Select the Network option next to the name of your wallet, and allow “show test networks.”

Add the Amoy network to your wallet by entering the following details in the add network area within your wallet:

Import “Amoy Futuro™ USDT” (FVUSTD) in your Tokens by following these steps:

  • Import Token
  • Add the following Token Contract Address: 0xbf7e33B339D9eb01f4c4073225FCCc5C700330bb

Sign up at Futuverse with your email and get your account validated. Include the crypto wallet you want to use (refer to Metamask for the public address of your wallet. NEVER share your private key with anyone).

Validate your account.

Once your account is validated, you will automatically receive MATIC and FVUSTD (Amoy Network). You will need a very small amount of MATIC (Amoy Network) for the gas fees associated with blockchain transactions. You will also receive enough granted FVUSTD to purchase an “Onteco ID NFT” and a maximum of 2 MIRS.

Once your account is validated, in less than 5 minutes you will automatically be Pre-Approved, which is the equivalent in the Amoy Network to being whitelisted in the Mainnet. If your wallet has not been automatically Pre-approved, please complete the Pre-Approval form:

Navigate to the Futuverse Web3 store to explore the maps and marketplace to purchase Futuverse’s Non-Fungible Tokens, utility tokens critical to fully leveraging the Futuverse Ecosystem:

Once you purchase an NFT, either a MIRS or an Onteco ID, note the number. If you purchase more than one MIRS, you will need both numbers. One wallet can only hold one Onteco ID. While you can select the number of MIRS to purchase, if available, the Onteco ID is generated for you automatically. As a result, you will have the following information:

Onteco ID #: Number

MIRS #: Number

To import your Onteco ID, go to your Metamask wallet, go to NFTs, and “Import NFT.”

Address: 0x738e2C36Db5Cf1195c31439491F2A3680A32DE4C

Token ID: Onteco ID # Number from the number you received.

To import your selected MIRS, go to your Metamask wallet, go to NFTs, and “Import NFT.”

Address: 0x738e2C36Db5Cf1195c31439491F2A3680A32DE4C

Token ID: MIRS #: Number from the number you received.

Send us an email from your registered email and the wallet you used for the purchase. Please include your feedback about the process, as it will be very valuable information for us before migrating to Polygon MainNet. Please send the emails to NFTs@futuverse.com.

You will earn your place in the whitelist process once Step 13 is completed.


Futuverse™ is committed to strict compliance with blockchain and financial regulations, ensuring a secure and legal environment for all transactions. Our proactive deployment on the Mumbai Network allows us to conduct thorough audits and guarantee the highest standards of security and smooth functionality for our community.

Access the Futuverse™ Digital Assets Blockchain Experience

Engage now with the Polygon Amoy Network to secure your spot on the whitelist and gain priority access to purchase digital assets once we transition to the Polygon Mainnet, as outlined in our roadmap. By participating in our Blockchain platform today, you will receive exclusive benefits, including early access to NFTs, significant discounts, and a pivotal role in shaping the future of the Futuverse™. This Early Access phase offers immediate advantages and prepares you for our fully scaled ecosystem.

If you are interested in other solutions from Futuverse™, you can visit our web2 Store

FAQ for Futuverse™ Digital Assets Platform

At Futuverse™, we use blockchain-based user authentication to verify identities through cryptographic methods, ensuring secure and reliable transactions. This process makes every transaction on our platform secure, transparent, and tamper-proof, providing an unalterable record of ownership that is essential in environments where proof of ownership is critical.

Futuverse™ offers a direct online connection to smart-contract software, enabling users to access, read, and track comprehensive NFT data directly through our website. This access includes detailed information on NFT ownership history and current status, facilitating the authentication and verification of virtual real estate, such as MIRS™, and other unique virtual goods, such as an Ecosystem ID, without the need for software downloads and facilitating the integration with the Futuverse™ ecosystem.

The total supply of First-Generation MIRS is limited to 2,000. We will initially sell 400, with some already pre-booked. The price indicated at our Web3 Store is for the initial sale and may vary for future batches. We plan to release the First-Generation MIRS in three separate sales batches. Only whitelisted wallets can participate in the initial sale.

Each wallet can own a maximum of 20 MIRS. As MIRS are directly connected to governance within the Futuverse World, we limit the number of MIRS a single wallet can own to prevent excessive power concentration. While Futuverse encourages users to earn and use Power Units and Futuros to acquire digital assets, we also ensure that wealth does not overly influence governance in our simulated extreme environments. This helps maintain a balanced governance system.

Yes. Each MIRS is located in a specific area within each Futuverse World. We encourage you to review the map and become familiar with the locations before acquiring a MIRS. For example, First-Generation MIRS are located on different floors and in various neighborhoods within Onteco Mars. Some locations are closer to the Green Dome while others are nearer to the Boulevard. Some MIRS are on lower floors, and others are on higher floors. Some MIRS share a neighborhood with a founding Citizen while others are in an entirely empty neighborhood, allowing you to buy all 20 MIRS in that neighborhood and become the sole owner. Additionally, each First-Generation MIRS is numbered from 1 to 2000. Even if the location is not a concern, you might prefer a specific number. Please note that MIRS 69 and 420 are reserved by Futuverse for Elon Musk, if he ever wants them. After acquiring your MIRS, you will need its number to add the NFT to your wallet. Please follow the instructions on how to add an NFT after purchase.

OntecoID is the Ecosystem ID inside Onteco Mars. Futuverse will have a total supply of 20,000 OntecoID, limiting Onteco Mars World to 20,000 Martians (including Explorers, Citizens, and Founding Citizens). If the 20,000 available OntecoIDs are maxed out, users can become Explorers or Citizens in other Futuverse Worlds or purchase an OntecoID from the marketplace.

Each wallet can own only one Futuverse World ID. Therefore, when all five Futuverse Worlds are active, a wallet can hold up to five IDs, one for each world. You can think of the ID as a passport to that world.

Not necessarily. Your Ecosystem ID is automatically generated in chronological order of minting and does not affect your rights within the Futuverse. However, owning an earlier-minted OntecoID (e.g., OntecoID #2) might be more valuable in the future for the community than owning a later-minted ID (e.g., OntecoID #20,000). After acquiring your OntecoID, you will need its number to add the NFT to your wallet. Please follow the instructions on how to add an NFT after purchase.

No, only Ecosystem ID owners can purchase a MIRS. If you own an Ecosystem ID and a MIRS for one of the Futuverse Worlds, you become a Citizen of that world, gaining governance rights and other advantages. If you do not own either, the Futuverse Marketplace allows you to purchase both at the same time.

Yes, you do not need to own a MIRS to own an Ecosystem ID. Owning an ID for one of the Futuverse Worlds makes you an Explorer in that world. We encourage you to review the Community and Gameplay section to understand the difference in membership types.

Yes, both MIRS and OntecoID are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that you can sell and trade at will. The smart contracts include a 5% royalty on every transaction, which goes to a Futuverse wallet to support the growth and success of the ecosystem. Please note that to maintain Citizenship status in a Futuverse World, you need both an Ecosystem ID and a MIRS for that world. If you sell your Ecosystem ID and keep your MIRS, you will automatically lose your Citizenship status and its governance rights, even though you will still own a MIRS that can be traded at any time. In such a scenario, if you acquire another ID, you will automatically regain Citizenship status. We encourage caution when trading your Digital Tokens inside the Futuverse.

The Whitelist and Pre-Approval List both facilitate secure access to our blockchain services but at different stages. The Whitelist provides access to purchase NFTs on the Polygon Mainnet for transactions involving real value. In contrast, the Pre-Approval List allows users to engage with our platform on the Polygon Amoy Network during the validation phase without financial risk. Engagement with our Polygon Amoy Network is essential for securing a spot on the Whitelist for future transition in the Mainnet.

Polygon Amoy is a Polygon testnet for Polygon Mainnet. It uses Ethereum’s Sepolia testnet as the root (layer-1) chain and provides an execution environment to deploy, audit and optimize the Polygon smart contracts.

Amoy uses the same consensus mechanism as Polygon Mainnet. The Testnet has a variety of resources, including faucets, tooling, and a block explorer.

You can get Amoy tokens from the Chainlink Amoy Faucet.

More Information on Polygon Amoy and Chainlink Amoy Faucet:





Participants in the Amoy Network phase receive exclusive benefits such as early access to services, future early purchase options for NFTs, through becoming part of our Whitelist, and exclusive current discounts on downloadable content that provides real economic value to our early access users. Furthermore, by participating in this phase, users contribute valuable data and feedback that inform our audit process and feature refinement, ensuring a seamless transition to the Mainnet.

Engagement with the Amoy Network is pivotal for refining our services in real-time, aligning every feature perfectly with user needs. This early access phase is crucial for delivering a robust, user-optimized digital asset platform when deployed in the Mainnet.

No, engaging with our platform on the Polygon Amoy Network involves no real financial expenditure. Users receive free testing tokens to explore and use our platform’s capabilities fully, allowing for comprehensive interaction without financial expenditure during this early access phase.

No, purchases made with test tokens on the Polygon Amoy Network do not result in ownership after migrating to the Mainnet. However, these transactions provides you with valuable insights and will qualify you for potential whitelisting, providing priority access and possible discounted rates for the digital assets once they are available on the Mainnet.

Our platform includes comprehensive technical support services to troubleshoot any problems you may have regarding the Futuverse™ blockchain ecosystem. We will be happy to assist you with any queries or technical difficulties to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience. Please contact us as blockchain@futuverse.com.