Join the Futuverse™ Pre-Approval List (Whitelist) for our Polygon Amoy Network

Join our whitelist to gain early access to exclusive digital assets on the Futuverse™ platform. Complete the form below to apply for pre-approval.

Apply for Pre-Approval* for Digital Assets on the Early Access web3 Futuverse™ store:

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Step 3: We will review your request and respond in 24 hours. if you are Pre-Approved, you will receive MATIC and Futuro™ FVUSTD (Amoy Network) in your wallet. These tokens will cover Gas fees and allow you to purchase initial NFTs in the Amoy Network.


The Onteco ID is your unique digital passport to Onteco™ Mars, the first Ecosystem ID inside the Futuverse™. This Non-Fungible Token (NFT) ensures secure ownership and traceability, allowing you to become an exclusive member of the Futuverse™ community. With an Onteco ID, you also have access to the downloadable “early access version” of Onteco™ Mars, special offers, and discounts on Futuverse™ courses, and eligibility to become a Citizen by purchasing a MIRS™. Additionally, in the future, Onteco ID holders can participate in member polls, create discussion topics, and enjoy exclusive access to specific areas on Mars.


MIRS™ (Minimum Individual Residential Space) is your gateway to becoming a Citizen in the Futuverse™. Designed by globally acclaimed architects, each MIRS is a secure, pressurized living space with advanced systems, smart windows, and interactive domotics. Your first MIRS also includes an Onteco ID. A single user cannot own more than 20 MIRS, as the ownership of MIRS will be linked with governance inside the Futuverse™.

The first batch of MIRS will be limited to only 2,000 units. In the future, as per the roadmap, owners of these exclusive MIRS will have voting rights on the design aspects of all worlds inside the Futuverse™ and will be able to travel between worlds once a month at no extra token cost. This unique opportunity allows early adopters to shape the future of the Futuverse™ and enjoy unparalleled privileges in the ecosystem.