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Foundation and Strategy (Q3 2019 - Q3 2021)

  • Team Building: Assembled a multidisciplinary team from space technology, DeFi, architecture, fashion, and blockchain, among many others.
  • Vision Creation: Established Futuverse’s vision to develop immersive, educational environments simulating extreme Earth and extraterrestrial conditions.
  • Environment Initial Design: Conceptualized educational and simulation environments; gained global acclaim with innovative Mars habitat designs.
  • Services: Provided consulting for solutions in extreme environments.

Development and Launch (Q3 2021 - Q3 2024)

  • Environment Design: Utilized scientific data to craft virtual environments that realistically depict potential futures on Mars.
  • Gameplay Design: Structured gameplay to integrate seamlessly with the economic model of Futuverse™.
  • Tokenomics: Formulated a comprehensive tokenomics framework supporting the digital economy of the ecosystem.
  • Brand Building and Partnerships: Enhanced Futuverse™ and fostered collaborations with global academic institutions and space analogs.
  • Intellectual Property: Advanced IP portfolio with critical trademarks and patent filings.
  • Gamified Education for All Ages: Launched interactive online courses tailored to both kids and adults, designed to educate and entertain, employing gamification to create compelling experiences that transform learning into an engaging and fun activity for everyone.
  • Web2 Integration: Developed an online Web2 store for purchasing Futuverse’s Early Access and educational products.
  • Web3 Integration: Deployed smart contracts on the Polygon (Matic) Amoy blockchain for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) such as OntecoID and MIRS™ (virtual real estate), establishing a Web3 store utilizing blockchain for cryptocurrency transactions through MetaMask for NFT sales, and set up whitelist protocols to grant exclusive access to early adopters.
  • Early Access Development: Launched early access versions of Onteco™ Mars, the inaugural world in the Futuverse™ platform, available for PC (both downloadable and online) and for VR (downloadable only), and powered by Unreal Engine® 5.2. This early version of Futuverse serves as a single-player platform that combines advanced visualization and AI solutions to create an engaging and scientifically accurate virtual Mars environment, supporting both educational and entertainment purposes.
  • Advanced Visualization and Design Tools: Developed over 20 immersive 3D Martian environments with high-definition graphics and interactive elements, integrating detailed, research-based information about Mars, and acting as preliminary tools for virtual space analogs and as a knowledge-based platform.
  • AI-Driven Simulations: Enhanced platform realism with proprietary Artificial Intelligence crowd systems for locomotion and avatar activities.
  • Educational and Entertainment Content: Integrated interactive simulations with educational content for scenario-based learning in extreme environments. This ‘learn by doing’ approach not only educates but also entertains, as it enables users to virtually travel to a future Mars, providing a predictive and engaging look at the potential interplay between human actions and environmental factors on the Red Planet.
  • Predictive Visualization: Enabled users to modify variables within the virtual environment, experimenting with habitat and lifestyle changes.
  • Early Access Downloadable Software: Released an Early Access version of Onteco™ Mars, the first world in Futuverse. This version allows early community members to explore Mars environments in single-player mode on PC and VR Meta Quest with Airlink connected to a PC.
  • Online Access: Offered web-enabled, non-downloadable access to Futuverse™, enhancing educational experiences with predictive visualizations of Mars environments. This version is accessible from any internet-connected device, eliminating the need for specialized hardware and expanding accessibility to a broader audience.

Near Future Objectives (Q3-Q4, 2024)

  • VR and Multiplayer Expansion: Introduce VR Meta Quest versions (independent of PCs) and multiplayer capabilities for PC and VR.
  • Educational Platform Growth: Expand the course offerings on the Futuverse Learning platform.
  • AI Enhancements: Implement generative AI language models for improved user interactions.
  • Web3 Integration: Deployed smart contracts on the Polygon Mainnet for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) such as OntecoID and MIRS™ (virtual real estate).
  • Tokenomics Roll-out: Begin minting Futuro™ and Power Unit™ tokens to activate the DeFi economy within Futuverse™.
  • Ocean City Design Initiation: Begin designing Thalassa Ocean City, the second world inside Futuverse™.

Mid-Term Development (2025 and Beyond)

  • Infrastructure Completion: Finalize the deployment of all front-end and back-end systems, preparing for large-scale user engagement and ensuring a robust and scalable digital infrastructure, including all crafting tools inside the Futuverse™.
  • Advanced AI and Analytics: Utilize AI to transform user interactions into actionable data, enhancing applications in social business and sciences.
  • Marketplace and Economic Development: Fully integrate a web3 marketplace and expand digital and physical product offerings.
  • New Environment Development: Launch additional worlds, including Thalassa (Ocean City), Pyrarx (Desert City), Onteco™ Moon, and Ashia (Nuclear Winter).
  • Professional Services Expansion: Broaden consulting services to cover extreme environments and social business, leveraging predictive visualization tools, AI, and digital twins technology extensively.

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