Futuverse™ Edutainment is an interactive learning platform that blends gaming with education, providing a dynamic and engaging experience. In collaboration with our partners at Quizizz, it enables educators, students, and learners of all ages to engage in online quiz-based games, either individually or in groups. The platform offers real-time feedback and displays instant results on any device.

These games can be played in real-time, with many participants answering questions on their devices while the game progresses on a shared screen, or at your own pace. Futuverse™ Edutainment leverages elements of gamification and timed challenges, to enhance the learning process.

By combining the excitement of gameplay with educational content, Futuverse™ Edutainment fosters a fun and competitive environment that encourages active participation, collaboration, and knowledge retention.

Compete and earn points, compare leaderboards, and enjoy fun avatars to motivate you to enhance your learning experience. Select a game from the list below and enjoy learning through play!

Our games

Populating Mars

Surviving Mars

Journey to Mars

Adapting Life on Mars

Imagining a Society on Mars

Diet on Mars

Life Support Systems on Mars

Terraforming Mars

New games added monthly!