Futuverse™ is Community

The Futuverse™ is more than a digital platform: it’s a movement dedicated to creating a sustainable and interconnected future. Our mission is to connect individuals across cultures, ages, and interests to foster a community that thrives on collaboration, innovation, and shared values. By engaging in the Futuverse™, you become part of a pioneering effort to solve some of the most pressing challenges of our time, such as climate change, social inequality, and geopolitical instability.

Interrelationships of Interests

Creating a new society in future extreme environments requires rethinking everything from scratch. This approach provides valuable insights that can be applied both in the future and in the present on Earth. Extreme environments offer the opportunity to think outside the box and approach problem-solving by changing the question instead of giving different answers to the same question.
By solving these problems, humans will obtain valuable ideas to implement on Earth. However, the challenges are so significant that it is not realistic to think we will get it right in the first place. The digital environments allow testing, validating, and learning from ideas that can permanently improve the digital ecosystem.

Collaboration and Innovation

The Futuverse™ provides a platform for collaboration. Large data sets, machine learning, and other artificial intelligence tools derived from the information available inside Futuverse™ will be accessible to the scientific community and businesses focused on solving climate change and social inequality.

Join the Movement

By being part of the Futuverse™ community, you will be able to become a pioneer and potentially shape the future of humans. Your contribution can change the digital replica of a potential future in diverse extreme environments, such as Mars, the Moon, or conditions on Earth that will soon be a reality. Such a digital twin is intended to continue evolving until those environments can be built in real life.

However, by changing the future, you can also change the present on Earth. We expect many insights that we could directly apply to our current problems. Additionally, as we will be exposed to new ideas in an immersive environment, such an experience will spark alternative ways to live our day-to-day lives.

Innovation sometimes is found, not purposely searched.

A true journey is a step into discovering the unknown. As we do not know what we do not know, we might realize on the road what things we need to learn. In many cases, innovation is found, not purposely searched. Starting a journey towards creating a sustainable large-scale community on Mars will spark many opportunities for innovation.
We also acknowledge that providing answers to many unknowns will require a lot of trial and error. Therefore, we envision creating A/B testing, where solution A and solution B are tested in the immersive digital environment to identify our community’s responses, allowing for evolving and learning from them.
We acknowledge that the task is complex, and to make it easier for the Onteco™  community, we are starting with a few case studies. These case studies will provide a scientific road map towards scaling the processes and ideas to create a new reality. Then, thanks to workshops, lectures from experts, content creation from our members, and brainstorming sessions, our community will expand on the debate and solutions for these topics.

Join the Futuverse™: Memberships

The Futuverse™ offers different types of memberships, each providing unique opportunities and privileges within our ecosystem. Our membership system is designed to encourage participation, learning, and growth.

Membership specifics are connected to the economics within the Futuverse™ and the gameplay.

Types of Memberships


  • Every new user inside the Futuverse™ starts as a Traveler.
    • Travelers can:
      • Be part of the community.
      • Explore the Futuverse™ and the different worlds available at the time.
      • Access learning opportunities inside the Futuverse™
      • Join events open to all Members.

Verified Traveler

  • A Traveler who signs up with a crypto wallet and gets approved becomes a Verified Traveler.
  • Verified Travelers automatically receive a free Travelers’ Pass that includes a limited quantity of Tokens (Power Units) for free. To earn more Tokens, they need to perform Missions.
  • Verified Travelers can:
    • Interact with other members and socialize.
    • Prove their skills to earn Certificates and obtain Skill Medals.
    • Participate in daily solo missions, called “Modular Power Missions” (MPP), and earn Tokens based on performance.
    • Apply to join a pre-established Team (Brigade) to compete among other Brigades and participate in competitive team-oriented missions, such as the weekly “Multiplayer Power Strategies” (MPS) and the monthly “Management Power Networks” (MPN), and earn Tokens based on performance. The founder of the Brigade needs to accept this request.
    • Create “Major Power Undertakings (MPU)” Missions to challenge other individuals or Brigades and earn Tokens based on performance.
    • Help build self-sufficient settlements by choosing available roles inside Missions.
    • Vote on some Missions and Elections for the Futuverse™ Community.


  • An Explorer is a Verified Traveler who also owns an Ecosystem ID, a Digital Asset backed by blockchain that uniquely identifies the member in the Futuverse™. Thanks to the blockchain nature, while traceability is guaranteed, the real identity of the member is not exposed. Each Futuverse™ world has a different ID (e.g., OntecoID, ThalassaID, etc.).

  • Explorers can:

    • Do everything that Verified Travelers do.
    • Apply to join a pre-established Team (Brigade) and earn a higher distribution percentage of Tokens than Travelers. The founder of the Brigade needs to accept this request.
    • Create a Team (Brigade) in the world where they have the ID and attract talent to the Brigade. The founder of the Brigade also earns a percentage in royalty tokens for each distribution among the members of such Brigade. The founder of the Brigade also has a fixed cost of Tokens to keep a Brigade active.
    • Have priority over Travelers in choosing available roles inside Missions.
    • Rent Visas (Non-Fungible-Tokens) from Citizens that provide access to Citizens-Only areas and exclusive events.
    • Participate in limited educational and think tank events focused on building the Future.
    • Rent or purchase non-residential and non-strategic Real Estate inside the Futuverse™, such as retail spaces, manufacturing, etc.



  • A Citizen is an Explorer who owns virtual Residential Real Estate inside the Futuverse™, also called Minimum Individual Residential Space (MIRS™).
  • Citizens can:
    • Do everything that Explorers do.
    • Access exclusive events inside and outside the digital environment.
    • Earn a higher distribution percentage of Tokens than Explorers during the distributions of the rewards inside the Brigades.
    • Have the first right of selection of roles inside the Missions.
    • Vote on the evolution of the development phases inside the Futuverse™ World.
    • Buy additional virtual residential real estate, owning up to 20 MIRS and having a maximum of 20 voting ballots, managed through a decentralized blockchain.
    • Purchase strategic virtual real estate, such as infrastructure, development land, or power plants.

Founding Citizen

  • A Founding Citizen is a By-Invitation-Only profile by the Futuverse™.
  • Founding Citizens have 10 times higher voting power than a Citizen and exclusive rights to access events only for Founding Citizens.
  • Founding Citizens are recognized for their contribution to creating new societies on Mars, the Moon, and Earth.