Founding Citizens

Welcome to the Hall of Founding Citizens, a distinguished group of pioneers who have shaped the Futuverse™, both directly and indirectly. Our Founding Citizens represent a diverse array of backgrounds, each bringing their unique vision and drive for innovation to our community. This select group is capped at 30 to maintain an exclusive and close-knit atmosphere, ensuring deep commitment to our shared mission.

Each Founding Citizen owns one MIRS™, as detailed in their individual bios. If their stories inspire you, and you’re interested in engaging with their ideas or living in the same neighborhood, you are encouraged to explore opportunities to acquire your own MIRS™ in their vicinity.

An astrophysicist renowned for discovering Proxima b, Guillem Anglada is a key figure in exoplanet research. His work has broadened the understanding of habitable worlds, and he inspired the Futuverse™ team to push the boundaries of space exploration. He was a core team member of the conceptualization of Nüwa City.

MIRS #: 402

David Cullen, Professor of Astrobiology & Space Biotechnology at Cranfield University, leads research on sustainable off-world habitats. His involvement in the European Space Agency’s ExoMars mission and fieldwork in extreme environments grounds Futuverse™ simulations in real-world science. He was a core team member of the conceptualization of Nüwa City.
MIRS #: 167

A blockchain expert with over two decades of experience, María L. Dalmasso specializes in developing crypto solutions. Her work in NFT architecture, crypto wallets, and smart contracts was vital for Futuverse™ beginnings, ensuring a secure and efficient digital economy.
MIRS #: 121

NASA Research Scientist Dr. Alfonso Davila focuses on exobiology and the potential for life on other planets. His expeditions to extreme environments like Antarctica inform Futuverse™ simulations, making them realistic and educational.
MIRS #: 126

Gisela Detrell, leader of the “Life Support and Energy Systems” research group at the University of Stuttgart, specializes in sustainable life support for space missions. Her expertise helps develop closed-loop ecosystems in Futuverse™, simulating the challenges of long-duration space travel. She was a core team member of the conceptualization of Nüwa City.
MIRS #: 168

Philipp Hartlieb, a senior scientist at Montanuniversitaet Leoben, focuses on sustainable mining technologies and extraterrestrial mining. His research on low gravity excavation informs the creation of realistic mining operations in the Futuverse™. He was a core team member of the conceptualization of Nüwa City.
MIRS #: 177

Stephanie Hensley is an award-winning American fashion designer and celebrity stylist who brings her creativity and innovation to the Futuverse™. Known for her work with celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, and major publications, Stephanie ensures that the digital world is stylish and engaging. She was also a core team member of the conceptualization of Nüwa City.
MIRS #: 20

Amanda Kavner specializes in cognitive neuroscience and educational technology. Her work on cognitive computational models and machine learning enhances the educational experiences in Futuverse™, making them interactive and effective.
MIRS #: 66

International business executive Harold Montgomery has extensive experience in FinTech, eCommerce, and cryptocurrencies. His strategic insights help navigate the digital finance landscape of the Futuverse™, ensuring a robust and inclusive economy.
MIRS #: 81

Alfredo Muñoz is a visionary architect and serial entrepreneur known for his sustainable designs. His expertise in space architecture shapes the immersive habitats in Futuverse™, providing a glimpse into the future of living in extreme environments. He was a core team member of the conceptualization of Nüwa City.
MIRS #: 1

Rafal Nowocien, co-creator of “The Witcher,” brought his game design expertise to the foundational gameplay of the Futuverse™. With nearly two decades in the industry, Rafal ensures that the virtual experience is immersive and interactive, blending innovative technology with engaging gameplay.
MIRS #: 59

Director of digital environments for Futuverse™, Manuel Pantoja specializes in VR, AR, and XR technologies. His extensive experience in digital visualization and simulation helps build dynamic virtual environments, enhancing user exploration and collaboration.
MIRS #: 21

Gonzalo Rojas is an architectural designer constantly pushing the boundaries of architectural representations. Gonzalo integrates new technologies into visualization phases, contributing to Futuverse™ with his innovative approaches. He was a core team member of the conceptualization of Nüwa City.
MIRS #: 3

Sebastian Rodriguez is an architectural designer known for his innovative methods, creating architectural spaces immersed in their environments. Sebastian’s work in complex future scenarios enhances the Futuverse’s realism and creativity. He was a core team member of the conceptualization of Nüwa City.
MIRS #: 2

Leonardo Salvucci is a Full Stack developer with 20 years of experience. From early dotcoms to Web3 Decentralized Applications, Leonardo’s expertise in frontend, backend, and blockchain technologies makes him a vital contributor to the Futuverse’s digital infrastructure.
MIRS #: 112

David Soto is a multicultural tech visionary specializing in AI, Blockchain, and digital transformation. His extensive experience in business intelligence and customer development services drives the innovation and strategic growth of Futuverse’s digital economy.
MIRS #: 49

Felix Tropf, a sociologist specializing in social demography and genetics, informs the societal dynamics within Futuverse™. His research helps create realistic simulations of social interactions and behaviors under extreme conditions.
MIRS #: 100

Kenny Vassigh, with extensive experience in space systems, supports Futuverse™ missions with innovative solutions. His work ensures that our virtual environments are scientifically accurate and technologically advanced.
MIRS #: 61

Legal professional Peter Wielgosz has a strong background in start-up tech companies, private equity, and crypto-assets. In Futuverse™, he brings a strong web3 framework, providing a foundation for our virtual economy and governance structures.
MIRS #: 313